Pomeranian Bohemia Platina


3 girls
Harriet Pom - orange
Haru Pom - light orange
Honey Pom - creme

Sire: BJ House Tour Billion "Billy"
Dam: Light Flock Running Victory "Rima"

All three girls were born naturally and their delivery was very smooth without any problems.
I decided for repeated combination as I really liked the litter "C" Bohemia Platina. This is alsop Rimma's last litter, who is 6 years old we will not mate her anymore. Rimma is attentive mum and she is enjoying her motherhood very much. Just like as she knew this is her last litter - she gave us such a lovely one - 3 girls of beautiful colours.

Pomeranian štěňata
6 weeks old

Pomeranian štěňata
3 weeks old

Pomeranian štěňata Pomeranian štěňata Pomeranian štěňata
1 day


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